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Frequently Asked Questions

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City View route:

Tickets only through the online store booking: Book now

You can see all available departures from the booking page.

The season starts in the beginning of May. Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter and following Amazing City on Facebook.

Panorama Deck:

Panorama Deck opens in the beginning of May.

The City View route costs 34,90€ per person, and it includes a place in the group, a guide, a headphone, stories and instructions through the headphone and safety equipment.

The Panorama Deck route costs 5€ per person and it includes access to the observation deck.

The City View route’s total duration is approximately one hour. The route will take about 45 minutes, and the preparation and finish take the rest.
Panorama Deck can be traversed at each person’s own pace.

We’re on the roof no matter the weather, so canceling due to bad weather is not possible.

In case there’s a threat of thunder or stormy weather, the organizer can cancel a departure or close the Panorama Deck for safety reasons.

Cancelation due to force majeure reasons or illness is to be made 24 hours before the booked departure. Please be prepared to prove the cause with a medical certificate or something similar.

The Panorama Deck is for everyone, but the route is not unobstructed as there are stairs along the way.

The City View route is traversed wearing a safety harness, and the route is not unobstructed. For this route, the minimum height for a participant is 140cm and the maximum weight is 120kg.

The City View route goes along the edge of the roof, but it is safe for everyone. For acrophobic people (Fear of heights) we recommend to use you own consideration.

Due to the safety structures the maximum size per group is 6 people.

In the Shopping Cart Summary section there is a drop-down menu: ‘Coupon code or gift card’. You will type in the gift card code or coupon code.

The redeemal code of the gift card is on the ticket.

On mobile the place for the code is behind the “tap for more info” button at the bottom of the screen.

If the payment is interrupted in the online store before you get a confirmation, the booking is not saved and the fee won’t be charged. In this case, the booked times will be available again after 30 minutes.

The payments are usually not refunded, but the booking can be rescheduled.

Cancelations made by the organizer for safety reasons can be refunded or rescheduled.

There are no toilets on the routes themselves, but the starting point has a Café and toilets.

Panorama Deck: 
The route is outside, so dress accordingly
City View route:
You’ll be outside for 45 minutes, so dress according to the weather. Waterproof clothing when it rains. In windy weather the roof can be noticeably colder than it is on ground level
Each participant will wear a safety harness with leg straps that go around their upper legs, so we don’t recommend wearing a skirt or something similar
The route is partly traversed on steel grates with no handrails, so flat-bottomed shoes are the best choice.
Umbrellas are forbidden for safety reasons!

Roof Walk Finlayson Area is located in the Finlayson area in Tampere city centre.
Both routes are started from the top of the Media 54 building. You’ll find guide signs in the Siperia and Media 54 buildings.


No. The consumption of alcohol is forbidden on both routes.

The participants cannot be under the influence of alcohol on the City View route.

Bringing your own drinks is forbidden, the Café has an alcohol license.

Photography is allowed and highly recommended
The organizer is not responsible for cameras or other equipment.

Use the hashtag #roofwalkfinlayson when sharing the photos on social media!