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Experiences and stories from clients
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CASE: Kiwa Inspecta

Our client needed a functional training with a counterbalancing activity. The group had many new members and they operated in a large area.

We arranged an event that consisted of a shared breakfast with a space, a functional training and a recreational activity.

The day began with a morning coffee, after which the team had their own in-house training. After lunch we arranged a compact training session with the theme of interaction and energy management in heavy-duty work. After this, before dinner, our partner arranged escape room challenges as a recreational activity.

The training part consisted of compact theory segments and more extensive practical exercises, where everyone was guaranteed to get a memorable experience of each subject without a dull lecture

The client’s need was for the team members to get to know each other with constructive activity, at the same time having goals and an agenda, as well as being easy-going and having fun. The team doesn’t see each other very much, as they’re scattered around Finland. Many hold up contacts by e-mails only, so a day like this holds a key part in creating community spirit.

“The trainer addressed the happy, bubbly worker inside of us. We got concrete examples about interaction and raising positivity. These things will surely be talked about at the office in the future.”.

The client had a need, and we created a solution for it.

CASE: ABB Oy, Grid Integration unit

Our client wanted a workplace unit summer recreational day for 90 people in Tampere city centre as a ready-made concept

The highlight of the day, and a counterweight for all other assembly content was our City Hunt adventure.

The day began with a morning coffee in a restaurant, before the morning’s intense conference segment. After the conference and a lunch we headed towards the City Hunt in small groups.

Each team had the freedom to craft their own kind of adventure, after which was a great time to grab some refreshments.

The content of the city adventure was made with our original layout, taking note of the client’s wishes for themes. We offered city sights and history, problem solving, treasure hunts and spotting, and in many places the groups had uplifting teamworking assignments. The three-hour adventure ended with the joyful teams returning to a restaurant with reservations. After all the teams arrived we went through the adventure, looked at the amazing photos and awarded the cheerful winners.

The after-adventure activity consisted of an excellent dinner. Many memorable moments had been captured by the participants minds and cameras, and the photos were left as memories and for free use by the client.

An easy and time-saving way to arrange a workplace recreational day for the client, and for us organizers a huge amount of little details that we must put together seamlessly.

CASE: "Typical city adventure"

The clients wants content for a workplace recreational day or as a side activity for an assembly for a group of 10 to 50 people, with or without dining.

The adventure begins from the client’s own office, assembly space, lunch, or other meeting place.

The small groups are briefed about the adventure, and they are given the required devices. Not long before all the groups have started their adventures in the city.

The groups go through the route that’s given to them by the mobile app, and the culmination is in a desired place. It can be the client’s own space, our conference room, a restaurant or outside if the wish is to avoid contact between the small groups.

The wrapping up of the adventure consists of going through the scoreboard and checking out the photos and videos that the group has taken on their journey. These photos and videos are naturally the client’s, and they can be used in the future.. The winning teams will also be awarded.

An easy and time-saving way to arrange a workplace recreational day for the client, and for us organizers a huge amount of little details that we must put together seamlessly.