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Wellness Services

Slow down into well-being
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The effects of crushing jobs and the hectic rhythm of life are undeniably factors that weaken our well-being if we don’t have the skills to focus on balancing our everyday lives by recovering.
During recovering your stress hormone levels drop, your resources recuperate, and your energy as well as your well-being increases. Tempting, isn’t it?
Amazing City offers your group a chance to take a moment to consciously slow down in our premises at Ellivuori Resort as well as in the Finlayson area at Tampere. According to your wishes, we can focus solely on creating a recovering and relaxing moment, or we can take a deeper dive into the world of mindfulness and work through ways to achieve a focused, calm and conscious state of mind. All of our sets can be tailored to serve your group, and can always be combined with other products. Feel free to ask more, we are here for you.

How can we help exactly your group to thrive?


In these workshops we stop and think about the balance of mental and physical strain, recovering, stress and rest. With simple mindfulness exercises, you’ll learn ways to cut the mind’s automation, stop it from wandering as well as getting caught into things. You’ll become competent in steering your focus back into the present, curiously and without judgments. In the workshops, you will experience concrete insights in how to find a more conscious way to act while working as well as in your free time, and what the meaning of presence is in facing stress consciously. You will acquire illustrative mindfulness exercises to take with you into your work-life and spare time. The rest is up to you.

Mindfulness workshops can be built to suit your group the themes ranging from emotional intelligence at work, consciously handling stress, self-compassion, and increasing positive thinking in the work community. Ask more.

  • from 300 € /group + VAT 24%
  • 2 hours / according to agreement
  • 4-20
  • Our premises in the Finlayson area or at Ellivuori Resort. Can be arranged into the premise of the customer.


In this workshop, we let go of stress, hypervigilance, and the constant need to achieve with the help of relaxation exercises. We will go through simple and gentle exercises that help the body and mind to calm down and recover comprehensively. Relaxation increases creativity and problem-solving skills, you will also strengthen your ability to use your resources at work and in your free time. The session ends with a long and gentle meditative deep relaxation, where you can lie down and wrap yourself up in a soft blanket.

  • from 300 € / group + VAT 24%
  • 2 hours / according to agreement
  • 4-20 hlö
  • Our premises in the Finlayson area or at Ellivuori Resort. Can be arranged into the premise of the customer.


In this group, we search for recovering and comprehensive refreshment from nature. The Mindful Forest will lead your team into the full experience of being present with gentle and bodily mindfulness and nature connection exercises. You will be led through beautiful routes and paths where you will raise your team spirits by doing exercises together. You’ll also learn practical skills to increase presence at work as well as in your free time. This way you will grow your mental wellbeing and balance in a natural way.

  • from 590€ / group + VAT 24%
  • 3 hours / according to agreement
  • 4-20
  • Ellivuori / Tampere / according to agreement


Tibetan singing bowls relax you thoroughly with their sound waves and help you recover from the stress of everyday life. The vibration of the bowls resonates in the whole body and creates a unique chance for the body and the mind to break free from tension. At the Singing bowl relaxation, you can just relax and receive while the singing bowls sing and a meditative guiding takes you along on a journey. A lovely product for your group’s recreational day or a bachelor/bachelorette party.

  • from 225€ / group + VAT 24%
  • 1,5hours
  • 4-20
  • Our premises in the Finlayson area or at Ellivuori Resort. Can be arranged into the premise of the customer.

Amazing City’s wellness services are guided and taught by Auli Kukkamäki, who is a well-being professional, a Mindfulness-emotional intelligence coach as well as a meditation and relaxation teacher.

“The best things about teaching and guiding are the realizations and epiphanies that happen in people, which can be pivotal. I am a strong believer in the power of kindness, compassion and presence. Slowing down and stopping to take care of yourself is the shortest path into a calm and healthy mind.”

contact: [email protected]